Imagine If Stencil - Hot Air Ballon

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a 15cm x 15cm stencil

Imagine If Stencil: Most of our Stencils are Original so you wont find our designs anywhere else!

How to use the Stencils: Choose your Medium of choice from the list below, place your stencil on paper, canvas or the material you are working with. Either hold down the stencil firmly while you work or use a little bit of tape (that can be removed later) to stick the stencil down to your work space. Cover the stencil with your medium careful not to move the stencil. Once you have finished careful lift off the stencil and see your creations! Make sure to wash/clean your stencil when you have finished.

  • Trace with pencil
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Water Colour paint
  • Rub with Ink pad ink using a dauber
  • Spray with coloured Sprays -Dylusions Spray, Tim Holts Distress Spray or Fireworks Sprays.
  • Embossing paste
  • Paper texture Paste

Made of a semi translucent stencil film of good quality that can withstand all mediums. Clean after every use to preserve stencil.

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