Lasercut Name Cutout

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Lasercut Name Cutout

Cut from 3mm MDF wood or 3mm Black, White or Silver Mirror Acrylic - this lasercut name cutout is a perfect accent for the kids room or nursery or as a family name in the lounge or for a wedding!

Size: 20-60cm wide (You can choose a size between these numbers for your design but note that size can vary due to letters and font choices - we can let you know the final size of your design before we cut if you are worried).

MDF Wood Design comes unpainted so you can decorate to suit the room - easy to paint with acrylics or spraypaint or for a rustic and neutral look!

Or choose the Bamboo Wood for a wood grain and natural look

Or choose from the Black Acrylic, Silver Mirror Acrylic or White Acrylic for a precoloured and modern glossy finish.

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