Lasercut Personalised Name Puzzle

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Lasercut Personalised Name Puzzle

Cut from 3mm MDF wood - this personalised lasercut name puzzle is a fun gift for the kids! 
Comes unpainted and undecorated in plain MDF wood so you can decorate as a family, or paint for the kids before you give it to them!

Simply paint with acrylic paints to colour as you like!

Price range:

1-5 Letters - $20
Each letter thereafter is +$2.50 each letter

E.g our example is 6 Letters - A L Y S H A
= $22.50 cost.

6 Letter Name board measures 30cm x 9.4cm
Please note larger names will be scaled down and will not exceed 45cm in length so letters will be smaller than the 6 letter words.

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