Silicone Grip Dish, Pineapple

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Silicone Grip Dish, Pineapple

Bumkins dishware is made from 100% food-safe platinum silicone and features a strong suction base. This means no more dishes on the floor! The suction base also makes our dishes ideal for babies learning to self feed; no more dishes sliding away from baby. Our Silicone Grip Dish features a straight edge, allowing little ones to belly-up to the plate, causing less mess.

Strong Suction Base

We know there will be a lot of food hitting the floor during mealtime. Thanks to our strong suction bases, we're helping to stop those dishes from going airborne! Our suction bases also help keep the dish in place while baby is learning how to use utensils and grab onto those slippery first foods.

Once your little one is beyond the dish-throwing stage, you may wonder why a suction base is so important. Well, when your little one is putting a lot of power behind scooping and piercing their foods, the dish tends to slide around the table, causing more food-chasing than food-eating. Thankfully, the suction base helps stabilize those dishes so your little one can focus on the good stuff — getting those yummy bites into their tummy!